Select Manufacturers, Inc | General Information

Cancellations: All charges incurred before cancellation will be incurred and billable.

Quality Assurance: Our reputation as a supplier of quality products and service spans over 25 years and is backed by a commitment to correct design deficiencies should they occur. That liability is limited to the invoice value prorated as a percentage of the deficiency.

Product Variation: Imported products are known to have tiny imperfections and variations in the manufacturing from 1 overseas shipment to the next. ITEM SIZES, OUNCE CAPACITIES AND MUG COLORS LISTED IN THIS CATALOG ARE APPROXIMATE AND MAY VARY SLIGHTLY.


Freight Claims: Select Manufacturers, Inc. is not responsible for delays or breakage in route. Every carton leaving our plant is inspected and has a clear bill of lading signed by the transportation company. All merchandise should be inspected by the consignee upon arrival, max. 15 days. Title to the goods passes to the consignee at the F.O.B. point {freight on Board}, or once the goods leave our Dock.

Freight/shipments: Shipments will be made F.O.B. Our West coast facilities {can be either CA or WA} unless otherwise specified. We will show a ship date and not be responsible for the carrier’s transit time performance once it leaves our dock. Unless specific routing is stated, we will ship via routing as we deem best. NO C.O.D. SHIPMENT ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED & normally do not use 3rd party or recipient account #'s.

Freight Rates: Quoted freight costs are ESTIMATES only, based on circumstances at the time of request. Final invoiced costs are determined by carrier’s rates, to include fluctuating fuel surcharges, and any changes that are made.

Inside Delivery: Deliveries beyond the buyers loading dock are subject to additional charges {Lift gate, ect} and will only be done at the customer’s risk. Inside delivery will incur additional delivery charges.

Drop Shipments or Split Shipments: There is a $10.00(v) charge for each additional address beyond the first one.

Trademarks: Any material or other copy submitted by you or your customer for use by us in producing an order will be accepted by as being submitted in full compliance with all laws regarding copyright, trademark, service mark, patent, right of privacy or a similar type of protection. You and your customer agree that by submitting such material or copy for our use in producing an order, these laws will not be violated and Select Manufacturers Inc disclaims all liability for compliance with these laws.

Complaints: Complaints must be made within 30 days after receipt of shipment, 15 days for breakage with no exceptions. Artwork or copy changes on redo's will not be accepted.

Drinkware Product Care: All imprinted drinkware products are to be hand washed. Any exposure to the possible extreme temperatures and chemicals in a dishwasher will void any warrantee. There is also condensation or leakage that can occur in most double wall construction drinkware that will cause the moister to leak from product during use if washed in a dish washer. So hand washing is the only way to insure the intended performance and avoid moister or water from building inside the double wall insulation the drinkware provides.

Overage or Underage: Limited to 2% on all items listed in this catalog. Every attempt will be made to minimize these amounts. Invoicing will be revised to reflect applicable overage/underage.

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